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Get Your FREE Consultation With An
Expert Psychological Witness Now!

If you’re looking for a top-quality psychological evaluation of your client, you’ve come to the right place! I have been practicing exclusively in the field of forensic psychology since 1993, and have extensive postdoctoral training in all the areas listed above.

You will receive a comprehensive, time-sensitive psychological analyses of your client that will help you not only understand him better, but provide you with a sophisticated tool for your case. Our motto is “insight through science”!

Remember, the initial 30-minute consultation is always 100% FREE!
Here’s what you will get from your consultation:
• A Fresh perspective on your case.
• Insights into how to position your psychological witness.
• New ways you could use your psychological witnesses to win more trials.

To schedule your FREE consultation now,
send an email to drvicky@WinAtTrial.com
or call 650-368-8318.

Vicky Campagna, LMFT, PhD
165 Arch St.,
Redwood City CA 94062
Phone: 650-368-8318