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A Clean Desktop: A Real Possibility! And then---Handle Your Mail!!

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Professional organizer Eileen Roth has a great strategy for organizing your desktop, which of course will simplify your life because then you will actually be able to find things and get on with the job at hand!  She calls her system the REMOVE system, and it involves categorizing all your mail into one of 5 categories:

Reduce distractions by taking away all extraneous materials, from photos to knickknacks to old mail that you meant to answer yesterday.

Everyday use: your desktop should have only things you use daily.

Move the things you use most often to the side of the desk that corresponds to your dominant hand. Then when you reach for a pen with your preferred hand, there it will be!

Organize items in logical groupings.  All things of a certain type should be placed together.  For instance, all writing implements go together, all fasteners (staples, rubber bands, binder clips, paper clips) go together, etc.

View your time: make time visual on your desktop by having a clock and organizer right there.

Empty the center of the desktop so that you have a space to do your work.

       Roth goes on to encourage the efficient management of mail with the RAPID system, which entails organizing all your mail into one of five piles:

Read:  all mail that requires reading goes into this pile

Attend:  make another for mail pertaining to events you plan to attend

Pay:  Any bills or requests for money to which you intend to respond should be placed in this pile.

I: This is where all the mail that you judge to be important goes; all unknown mail goes here too until you decide it belongs in another category

D:  Dump all mail that you can tell at a glance is not something you want.  Donít even open it---just put it in this pile----or better yet, put it right in the trash can!

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